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Bergey Aerospace Co.

The Bergey Aerospace Aviation Award

This non-monetary award is given to people or organizations making meaningful contributions to the General Aviation Community, especially while using the Piper “Cherokee” Family of Airplanes (not a requirement). Whether you're changing lives or liveries, creating tools or, creating memories with others - we'd love to know about it and give you a chance to be recognized. 

Why? - Because we're interested in what the community is doing and looking to connect with other passionate aviators.

This award (and our company) is named for Karl Bergey - our mentor, who led the Cherokee design team at Piper alongside Fred Weick and John Thorp. A few years shy of 100, Karl is still passionate about aviation and involved in our design processes.

The award blocks are sponsored by Jawanza Bassue of Bergey Aviation.

Use the form below to nominate a member of the General Aviation community who deserves recognition. 

Self-nominations are welcomed!

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