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Bergey Aerospace Co.

Our People

We're represented by volunteers and consultants with the same vision - just keep flying.

Our People


Our flying research platform - a 300 HP single engine experimental airplane with Piper roots.

Flying the Dream

Engineering Design

A quick look at our products and designs. We're dedicated to "keeping 'em flying". 


BA Designs

Remembering Karl H. Bergey

We regret to announce the peaceful passing of our mentor and friend, Karl H. Bergey. His passion for aviation lives on through our combined efforts.

December 25, 1922 - May 28, 2019

About Us

Bergey Aviation, LLC is a representation of the work of a few passionate aviators, dedicated to keeping the dream of aviation alive for the community. We're based in Norman, OK. Bergey Aviation is currently pursuing various STCs and airplane modifications.

Why "Bergey"? We seek to continue the legacy Karl Bergey who is one of the three original designers of the Piper PA-28 "Cherokee". Karl is an aeronautical engineer with degrees from Penn State and M.I.T. He served for many years on the engineering faculty at the University of Oklahoma and is a recognized expert in small aircraft design and aerodynamics.

Bergey Aviation gives students the opportunity conduct experimental aircraft design and manufacturing under the mentorship of our experienced team. The latest design and build projects include an intended record breaking High Altitude Research Plane (HARP) and the BA-14 COUGAR, a 4 place, 175 kt cruiser based on the PA-28R "Arrow".


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Our Team includes volunteer A&P Mechanics, Professional Engineers and Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering students. We would all love to hear from you.

Bergey Aviation, LLC

2200 Industrial Boulevard, Norman, Oklahoma 73069, United States